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Pain in the face that feels like “a burning fire under the skin”: Gloria's patient story


Video transcription of Gloria’s patient story:

My pain started a few years ago – first it was moderate, but then it became more and more severe. Here on the left side of my face: my eye, above my eye and down to my cheek – and then my nose. It was like a burning fire under my skin and thousands of red-hot needles stabbing my face. The pain was so bad I had no idea what to do about it. I went from doctor to doctor, but none of them could help me. Nobody could say what was wrong. I tried everything – even making warm and cold compresses – but nothing worked. The pain I experience is so terrible that I’m unable to do anything. I’m tired and exhausted from it all the time. But my family needs me. We sometimes want to do things together, and my grandchildren need their grandma, but I’m simply not up to it. I feel so exhausted from the pain.

My youngest daughter was so kind and wanted to help me so much, but how? One day she found a questionnaire on the Internet and we completed it together. I took it with me when I saw the doctor and we discussed it together. We had a very useful conversation, and for the first time I felt that someone really understood what I’m going through. Now I think that things are getting better!

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