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Pain that feels like "an electric shock": Gisela's patient story


Video transcription of Gisela’s patient story:

My name is Gisela. I’m 52 years old, and I work as a home care nurse. I travel to visit patients every day, assisting them in the household and in their daily activities – my job is to offer help where it’s needed and wherever things are difficult. Over the years, I have been affected by a very serious problem.

Every day, I suffer from chronic pain, and of course this limits a lot what I can do or cannot do at work. I’ve visited a number of doctors and took a range of different medications, but nothing so far has helped me.

You can hardly imagine how severe the pain is that I have to bear. It feels like a series of electric shocks or a fire burning under my skin. It can be so unbearable that even the slightest touch against my skin is too much. For example, there are some clothes I can’t wear, and it is too painful to wear the seat belt in my car. The pain is really holding me back in life, and I’ve been desperately looking for help.

This morning, I spoke to a specialist in pain therapy, and it was the first time that I felt someone actually understood what I’m going through. I was able to explain in detail the kind of pain I experience, how it feels and what impact it has on my life. We talked about various possible treatments, and now I am so pleased. I will be able to live a better life, and hopefully get back some quality of life.

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